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What’s Your DiSC Profile?

New members to LXCouncil are asked to do a DiSC® Profile for leaders. The DiSC® profile is a non-judgmental tool used to identify people’s behavioral differences. When you participate in a DiSC® profile, you’re asked to complete a series of…

6 Type of People Who Won’t Do Well In a Peer Advisory Group

While LXCouncil is highly beneficial for most business owners and business leaders, we do uphold criteria of professional and personal credentials for members and moderators in the council and expect that each member be courteous, respectful, confidential, and and forthcoming. Many…

What members are saying?
One of the problems with many organizations is that they get into 'me speak,' but, with the Council, you get a [very] different focus and grounding that gives you an alternative way of thinking about things
Packaging CompanyChairman
One of the greatest values received is having 10 people with different levels of expertise, different scopes of businesses - completely different than mine - learning how they apply their thought processes to problems. [It] is invaluable to me
Jewelry Claim ServicesCEO
This provides me with a structured discipline to stage and reach my goals. The camaraderie of my fellow board members, although concentrated in a four hour period, is caring, genuine, honest, and loyal. My investment has already provided me the best business return in 20 years
Bed and BreakfastPresident
The commitment in my mind is what is it worth for you to step back and think about your business, how effective are you being, and where is your company going. If you don't do that occasionally, I don't think you can do a good job leading or growing your company.
Medical Clearing HousePresident
I grew, developed and appreciated what others go through alone at the top and how we are not really alone together. It has proven to be an invaluable experience
Chris WrightPresident, Union Quarries
In my first three months, my board saved me $75K. LXC peer advisory groups are a great investment for any business owner
CEOWireless Distribution Company
...It's easy to get lost in the day-to-day demands of the business, but the monthly meetings and coaching help keep me focused on the big picture. Our participation has proven to be a wise business decision
PrincipalArchitectural Firm
This has become a valuable resource for many of my business decisions. It has saved me thousands of dollars in just my first year of membership.
OwnerConvenience Store Franchise
I can honestly say...the best investment in me in years.
Kimberlie A. JordanSr. Manager, HR/People
I am personally involved in this peer-to-peer group because it gives me ideas that I otherwise might not consider and time to think proactively.  It’s been invaluable to me as a CEO of the bank to have a confidential environment to participate in critical thinking in a group setting solving common problems or issue
John BlockBank President, First National Bank
I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the opportunity to participate in LXCouncil.  At first I was concerned about the time commitment, but soon realized that the meetings forced me to be more focused on the big picture, rather than be bogged down in day to day operations.  Ultimately, LX was instrumental in helping me evaluate how ...
Marshall Weston Jr.Restaurant Association of Maryland
“Structured, confidential peer mentorship groups have proved to be a particularly effective way for our members to accelerate their growth and reduce their risk, both as companies and as founders and owners.”
Jim FlowersExecutive director, VTKnowledgeWorks
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Every CEO is the athlete of their business
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