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Being “Agile” in your leadership style can directly translate to agility in your business or corporation. History is littered with very successful companies with leadership that did not adapt to changing conditions in the marketplace. The last Blockbuster store in the world is in Oregon. Think of the thousands of stores that existed just a couple of decades ago! Blockbuster…

Arguably one of the greatest entrepreneurs and business moguls of all time, Richard Branson inspires business leaders across the globe with not only his charisma and free spirit, but also with  his keen business sense and leadership philosophy. It’s difficult to narrow his insightful quotes down to five for business leaders to take to heart, but we’ve taken a crack…

As leaders, we often think we need to act like we know it all. If we turn to our team members with a question we don’t know the answer to, we might appear weak. If we turn to a peer about a business problem, they might think we’re incompetent. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Not knowing,…

The best leaders are also great listeners. It’s not always a skill that comes naturally, especially in today’s world with the rapid pace and multitude of distractions at our fingertips. You know this if: you’re guilty of looking at your phone while someone is speaking to you looking past a person who is talking to you you have to ask…

What members are saying?
The book was valuable reading…I did find lots of value in the text, and believe that the right peer group could help me be a better leader.
Mark A. BoyerPresident, Tippin’s Gourmet Foods
“Structured, confidential peer mentorship groups have proved to be a particularly effective way for our members to accelerate their growth and reduce their risk, both as companies and as founders and owners.”
Jim FlowersExecutive director, VTKnowledgeWorks
“I have been in many peer groups in my career. They have been powerful for my companies and my personal growth. This book gives insights I wish I would have had prior to being in these groups. This is a powerful how-to book.”
Larry LinneCEO, and author of Brand Aid and Make the Noise Go Away
Tina captures not only the how but the why in this great read on peer advisory groups. As a banker committed to helping their clients, we learn that no one person can do it all. Tina’s peer advisory groups have helped us to help our customers reach their true potential.
Mary Ann ScullyChairman and CEO, Howard Bank
Tina nailed it! Every word is spot-on and accurate. I’ve been in peer advisory groups for the last twenty-five years, and 50 percent of the successful business owners I know and work with are in one as well. They are a must for any business owner who wants to maximize his or her full potential.
Gino WickmanAuthor of Traction and creator of EOS